Wayne Rossi
Director | Investment Sales & Lease
Wayne spent his previous years with Baker Street Properties and RJ Properties. Over the past years he has been involved in every aspect of Sales and Leasing within the Century City and Northern Suburbs area. Wayne holds an extensive track record of deals done and relationships built within the greater Cape Town area. Wayne believes long-term success cannot be achieved without honesty and integrity. Those values are the cornerstone of his business. Wayne enjoys travelling as well as spending time with the family.
Cindy Oosthuizen
Office Manager
Cindy has been appointed as the company’s Office Manager and is involved in the daily running of the office. Cindy’s duties include -but not restricted to- preparing presentations, typing of leases and offers, IT liaison, invoicing, ordering of stationary, IT equipment and office supplies. Cindy enjoys music, movies, watching sports, shopping and the outdoors. She also enjoys being surrounded by friends and family.
Martin Richards
Commercial Sales & Leasing
Following a move from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Martin started his career as a financial advisor, developing a deep understanding of financial services and the knowledge of where and how to invest to ensure return on investment. He started his career at Lew Geffen Sotheby’s Realty - Commercial, where he got involved at every facet of commercial brokering including sales, leasing and investing. Martin is a driven individual who relishes challenges, including finding the right space for your needs. Martin enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends.
Dewald Muller
Industrial Sales & Leasing
Dewald is a highly motivated, with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills. He has experience in different verticals of business as well as direct sales experience in a very competitive market. In endeavors from project management, labour consulting to the last 5 years in sales he knows the importance of relationships building and honesty in business. He makes best use of existing skills, experience and always looks to further build on his knowledge and personal development. Dewald enjoys playing golf and spending time with family and friends.
Ernest Schoeman
Commercial Sales & Leasing
Ernest graduated with a B.Com Degree in Marketing Management at NWU and also did his Project Management course at the Business School of Potchefstroom. After graduating, Ernest started work in Sales, Marketing and Management. He has a strong believe in long-term relationships and is always working to expand his knowledge and capability. Ernest enjoys time outdoors and meeting new people. Ernest has a drive to always help. Hard work is always a key aspect of his success.
Gerhard Enslin
Industrial Sales & Leasing
Gerhard comes from a parliamentary, corporate and entrepreneurial background and loves the challenges in the property game – something he has been exposed to for many years. As a qualified systems engineer, he has also had exposure to business, IT, managerial, financial and project management disciplines. He believes that business success is fundamentally built on sincere relationships, a sense of urgency and quality service delivery. Gerhard has decided to return from the residential arena to the commercial property arena in 2016 with BondStr.
Hannes Human
Industrial Sales & Leasing
Hannes graduated with a B.Comm (Accounting) degree from University of Pretoria. He was the Remuneration Manager for the Trans Hex Mining Group for 12 years and then was the owner of the Coastal Hire - Montague Gardens franchise for 7 years. Hannes entered the residential property market in December 2011 with Chas Everitt as a rental agent. Since 2014 he excelled as a sales agent with Excelmor Properties, Dunn Property Services and Harcourts Dunn. Hannes is a qualified Property Professional in Real Estate with high ethical values, commitment, and service to his clients. Hannes's main aim is to treat each and every client as an individual, catering to their specific needs and preferences. He is a firm believer in consultative selling and leasing - helping you to make the right decisions with his guidance and practical implementation. Hannes enjoys photography, watching sport and spending time outdoors.
Kyle van Tonder
Commercial Sales & Leasing
Kyle Van Tonder joined our team in the beginning of 2018, striving to make a name for himself in the property business. Quickly making a name for himself in the Residential sector, he decided to make the move over into the Commercial Property side as he is business orientated and loves the ability to surround himself with like-minded individuals. Coming from an extensive background of clientele service, being in the Health and Fitness Industry, locally and internationally, Kyle has the desire to go the extra mile for others. His friendly nature, ability to provide professional, flexible and outgoing service, with the thought in mind to keep learning each day, keeps Kyle motivated throughout. No matter what the given task, Kyle will always follow through as promised.
Gabrielle Burgess
Gabrielle has been appointed as the companies’ financial manager. Her responsibilities include; preparation of financial and management accounts, managing cash flow, payroll, assisting with annual audits and reporting to management on the company’s finance. Gabrielle is a qualified CA (SA) who is up to date with current accountancy practices. She enjoys providing timely and relevant analyses to management and working as a team to grow the company. In her spare time Gabrielle enjoys yoga and spending time outdoors, hiking or surfing.